Shaft Recovery







Avoid the extra costs of unnecessary shaft removal and replacement

When engineering bearings fail, they usually damage the shaft. Though it's often relatively easy to install new shaft bearings, the shaft itself is a more challenging repair proposition - that's where shaft recovery comes into play.

Shaft removal inevitably means high costs and more disruption - exactly what's not needed as key process plant stands idle or an ore carrier remains out of action when it should be loading at Saldanha Bay. The complexity and associated costs of major shaft replacement make shaft recovery an attractive proposition. This specialised technique, a core Metalock service, avoids the time and expense of shaft removal, moving the damaged shaft to a workshop and further costs before eventual replacement.

Several shaft recovery repair methods are available

With decades of experience in shaft recovery (and the global backing of the Metalock Engineering Group), you can count on our South African team (based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban) for rapid, high-quality repairs. During shaft recovery, the damaged shaft remains static while the tool rotates around it. Depending on the exact nature of the repair, we'll probably use one of the following recovery methods:

  • Orbital machining with superfinishing (often used for marine crankshafts).
  • Orbital machining with a shrink-on-sleeve and further orbital machining.
  • Orbital machining and orbital welding, then final orbital machining.
  • Orbital machining, metal spraying and further orbital machining.

(Metalock also makes similar repairs on worn bore locations using in-situ boring equipment.)

Perfectly positioned to support you with cost-effective shaft recovery

With three branches conveniently positioned across South Africa, Metalock Industrial Services Africa (Pty) Ltd. is ideally positioned to respond to your emergency and planned shaft recovery needs at inland sites or ports around the African coast. Sometimes, we can even undertake repairs while vessels are at sea; it all adds up to reduced asset downtime and lower cost for you.

On-site repairs across sub-Saharan Africa

When shaft repairs are urgently required, you don't need the extra hassle of arranging component removal of large components to a workshop that could be hundreds or thousands of miles from your mine, factory or ship. That's where Metalock helps you reduce the direct and indirect costs of damaged shafts with cost-effective, high quality in situ shaft recovery.

A skilled team awaits your call

All we need are a few engineering details including a datum point against which we can set our equipment, the parent metal specification for the shaft (so we can determine which welding or thermal spray procedure to use) and detailed engineering drawings. With this information, we'll dispatch a specialist team with the equipment required to effect the repair anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa. You can get on with running your business while we handle the vital shaft recovery.

Saving marine operators and African industry money every day

Every day, somewhere on the continent, Metalock saves industry vital time and money with its shaft recovery and bore repair services. Compared to traditional repair processes, our methods give a faster, more cost-effective and convenient repair, avoid many removal, transport and replacement costs, and minimise downtime. In many cases shaft recovery also prolongs the service life of the component too.

Whether you need to arrange shaft recovery on a massive marine power plant or line bore a small articulation joint on a grader, Metalock Industrial Services Africa (Pty) Ltd has the specialist skills and equipment to help you minimise disruption and get your valuable business asset earning revenue again. Our engineers are available to respond 24/7, so contact us for more details.