On-site Machining

Providing convenient on-site machining for industry across sub-Saharan Africa

From massive opencast mining equipment to small compressor-internals, on-site machining projects come in all sizes. The common factor is that, from Angola to Mozambique, or right outside our branches in Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg, every hour of downtime affects the profitability of your operation.

That's why, for applications as diverse as marine engineering in South Africa's east coast ports, or mineral extraction in the heart of Botswana, Metalock Industrial Services Africa (Pty) Ltd. offers the priceless reassurance of proven on-site machining skills and experience, and a wide range of specialised portable on-site machining equipment. What's more, we've often succeeded where other machining firms failed - try us!

Saving African industry time and money from Cape Town in the south to Accra

From precision machining to large-scale fabrication machining, we'll save you time and money and help you minimise costly downtime. Fast, high-quality on-site repairs by the Metalock South Africa team can often get equipment back in action and earning money without time-consuming and expensive component removal. Best of all, our teams are strategically located across South Africa to respond to your on-site machining requirements around the clock.

The on-site machining skills that African industry demands

Every day, throughout African mineral extraction, cement production, ship repair and manufacturing, emergency repairs or routine maintenance benefits from on-site machining services. Our on-site services include the following:

  • Crankpin machining (without crankshaft removal).
  • Fabrication machining for large floating and land-based structures.
  • Keyway machining.
  • Marine power plant repair and refurbishment.
  • Shaft recovery, including welding and orbital machining of bearing journals.
  • On-site machining for steel rolling mills.
  • Flange facing.
  • Precision drilling and tapping.
  • Reboring and rethreading holes.
  • Milling.
  • In-line boring for gearboxes, articulation joints and diesel engines.

This is just a sample of our on-site services. If you don't see what you require above, please [tell us about your requirements].

We'll come to you wherever you're based in sub-Saharan Africa

When it isn't practicable to remove a component, the Metalock team can easily bring its equipment to your mine, quarry, cement works or other industrial site. On-site machining is convenient and cost-effective. Above all, it gets the job done and helps you minimise costly downtime. Contact us for more details.