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The crank pin - one small component on which so much African process industry and marine transport relies. Yet crankpins are often the subject of sudden or gradual failure, with resulting downtime and costs until the crankpin can be repaired or replaced.

Metalock Industrial Services Africa (Pty) Ltd. Can help you reduce the cost of crankpin failure. As part of the worldwide Metalock Engineering Group, we offer years of experience with fast, cost-effective in situ machining of crankpin and main bearing journals in mining, aggregate extraction, cement production and other industries across sub-Saharan Africa.

Already doing crank pin repairs across sub-Saharan Africa

From the South African diamond mines to the busy east coast ports, Metalock Industrial Services Africa (Pty) Ltd. Supports African industry with a comprehensive range of orbital crankpin machines and main bearing machining attachments for all types of engine.

From small compressors to massive bulk carrier power plants, our crank pin repair services are part of a wider range of specialist engineering services including non-destructive testing (NDT), surface hardness testing, journal fillet radii machining and journal regrinding, and superfinishing to OEM specifications.

Crank pin repairs can be more cost-effective than component replacement

When mine production is on the line or your vessel is laid-up at Port Elizabeth, few things are more reassuring than a fast, high-quality on-site repair instead of costly removal and repair of engine components at a remote workshop. Just imagine what's involved in taking the component off a ship or away from the production facility. It's hard enough if the repair facility is nearby, but what if the workshop is hundreds or thousands of miles away across Africa?

Get your process plant or vessel back in action as soon as possible

In the time it takes to plan disassembly and transport, we can usually have a team on-site to make repairs. Downtime is minimised and the equipment or vessel is back in service much faster than otherwise. What's more, crankpin machining helps you minimise the costs of having an asset out of service. And as an added bonus, experience shows that professional in situ repairs often extend component life so you can defer expensive replacement costs.

Conveniently located at Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town

With three strategically located repair bases across South Africa, we're perfectly equipped to undertake crank pin repairs for industry across sub-Saharan Africa. And, of course, we're also well located to handle maritime repairs at all the main African seaports - ideal for keeping shipping moving around the Cape of Good Hope.

We don't just repair crankpins either. Contact us for more information or visit our Marine section for more details of Metalock services to the shipping industry.

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