Casting Repairs

Fast, cost-effective repair of cracked components for African industry

Whether you operate in mining, aggregate extraction, cement manufacture or other key industrial sectors, downtime caused by damaged industrial components undermines your productivity and profitability. Fortunately, on-site casting repairs can help you save precious time and money.


On-site casting repairs get plant working again fast

To save you time and money, and get vital plant back in operation (and earning money again), Metalock Industrial Services Africa (Pty) Ltd makes specialised casting repairs across sub-Saharan Africa. Based in Johannesburg, with offices in Cape Town and Durban, we're an established member of the global Metalock Engineering organisation, specialising in rapid, cost-effective cold repair of cracked or broken industrial components in cast iron, steel and aluminium.

Important benefits when casting repairs are needed

For emergency repairs or planned casting repairs alike, our service brings important benefits:

  • Peace of mind from proven cold repair specialists.
  • Maintained alignments and avoid costly re-machining.
  • None of the stress issues associated with welding.
  • Components are back in operation quickly...
  • Costly downtime is minimised with convenient on-site casting repairs.

Meeting the special needs of mining and aggregate extraction

With many process components working at high temperature, Metalock repair expertise in these environments is a vital resource to have on call. There's also our new corrosion-resistant stainless key system (developed by the Metalock International Association) for extreme applications. When operating temperature is critical, MN555 ensures effective repairs to components operating at up to 550 °C (1022 °F).

Casting repairs wherever you operate in sub-Saharan Africa

We regularly work in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. Wherever you're based, and whatever sector you operate in, we've almost certainly got a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution for your cracked or broken cast iron, steel or aluminium components in crushers & pulverisers, mills, gear systems, kilns and other production-critical plant.

You never know when you will need casting repairs. Contact us now for more information.


The Casting Repair Process

Step one (Metalock Repair)

Metalock Repair of an end cover of shaft bearing assembly.

Casting Repairs Casting Repairs Casting Repairs 1
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Step two (Metalock Repair)

The Metalock process is based on sound engineering principles which have been accepted for more than a century.

Fig 1
Casting Repairs Process

Step three (Metalock Diagram)

The Metalock process is based on sound engineering principles which have been accepted for more than a century.

Casting Repairs Process

Casting Repairs Process

Casting Repairs Process

Step four (Metalock Advantages)

Some advantages of the repair by the Metalock method are:

  • Work can be, and usually is, done on site, with usually a very great saving in time and dismantling.
  • Maintains alignment and original surfaces.
  • Dampens and absorbs compression stresses and spreads tensile strains.
  • Provides a good expansion joint on such jobs as cylinder liners.
  • Distributes the load away from fatigue points.
  • Maintains relieved condition of inherent internal stresses where these were the cause of the fracture, or partial cause.
  • Provides a low co-efficient of expansion in the relation to the repaired metal.
  • The repair being completely cold does not require the application of hear which could, and often does, introduce fresh stresses.