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Pulp and Paper

A stoppage can cost a fortune, especially where newsprint is concerned. Nowadays, the newspapers require a continuous flow of paper, directly from the paper mill to the printing press. The pulp and paper industry uses huge machines, which cannot be moved. Therefore, maintenance, repairs and surface super finishing all have to be carried out on-site.

On-site machining

  • Grinding, thermal spraying and super finishing of cylinders
  • Grinding of hydrostatic debarking drum tyre and thrust faces
  • Sleeving of damaged drying cylinder journals
  • Calendar roll and frame machining
  • Bedplate milling
  • Orbital machining and grinding of shaft journals
  • Lime Kiln repairs
  • Repair of rotating equipment


  • Metalocking of fractured drying cylinders

Shut down services

  • Installation of heavy machinery and process equipment
  • Manufacturing and installation of spare parts